What We Do/Don’t Do

What We Do

• Try to give you a quality product. We are not Nashville, but we also don’t charge thousands of dollars per hour.
• Work around schedules. We understand it’s not the living (yet) of most musicians/singers. We work hard at making scheduling easy.
• We listen. Before starting we would want to sit down with you guys and get an idea of what you would like the CD to sound like when it’s done.
• We have good equipment. We run PreSonus equipment for the most part and software that matches the equipment, and Apple computers. We also were one of the first studios in the Mid-West to have a Raven, a mixing control system that makes the process quicker and better. Overall, just counting recording equipment, we use about $80,000 worth of stuff in recording. Again, it’s not Nashville, but it’s about as good as you will find in the area. Our mic selection is one of the best around this area, and always growing.

What We Don’t Do

  • I hate clock watchers and people that nickel and dime me to death, we just don’t do that. We won’t do shortcuts that reduce the quality of the product, at the same time we will make every effort to save you money where we can.
  • We also don’t play the hidden charges game. If you need a guitar cord, we aren’t going to charge you $25.00 to use it. If we have to use an expensive plugin on your project, we don’t charge extra for that. If your guitar goes dead and we have one in the studio, it’s yours to use if you want to. If it’s in the studio and you need to use it, it’s all in the same price. There are no hidden charges at all.
  • Expect you to pay for something you don’t want or can’t use. If for any reason you are not happy with the end product, I will ask you to pay for the actual recording time, we will eat the mixing and mastering time. Anytime you want to come out and listen to the progress, you are more than welcome to see if we are going in the direction you want. Just give us a yell.
  • I don’t do copyright licenses for any covers you might do, nor do I do copyright licenses for originals. It is legal for us to record anything for anyone, if you do covers for CD’s you want to sell, that is on you. I do have information on buying licenses if you need it.
  • We don’t mass produce CD’s. I will give you 3 copies of the CD’s, and download an MP3 on a memory stick you provide, but we don’t mass produce. If you want, I do have contact info of a business that does, along with graphic art, shrink wrapping, basically anything you want. I am just not equipped to do it at this time.
  • We do not do videos, but if you have someone that does, they are welcome to come in with prior arrangement. I am a decent photographer, and will take some pics (with your permission) to promote the studio, you will have full access to those photos to use as you wish.
  • We don’t encourage very many spectators or visitors.  Our control room is very limited on size and we have to be able to communicate and work.  1 or 2 visitors is fine, but that’s pretty well the limit inside of the studio along with the recording engineers.  They also have to understand that if talking, they must whisper.  Our mic’s are very high quality and can pick up the slightest of sound.  Guests are welcome to be outside of the studio, but that area is not air conditioned or heated.