There honestly isn’t a way to quote a price for a single song or single CD. There are just too many variables with each song and each performer to say exactly how long a song will take.  How many instruments there are, how well prepared each musician is, what quality of work do you want done…a demo or CD Quality?  We charge $70.00 per hour, that price is the same for recording time, mixing time, mastering time, we keep it simple, the time we work on your project it is billed at $70.00 per hour.

We don’t believe in nickeling and diming people to death. We are not clock watchers, if you are in the studio for six hours and twenty minutes, then we will charge for 6 hrs., if you are there for six hours and fifty minutes, we will charge for 6.5 hrs., we just don’t play games. While I think we are good at what we do, it’s not our living, it’s not the part of our life that puts food on the table, so we don’t have to play games to feed ourselves.

Normally I ask the band to come setup the night before recording if possible, that is always at no charge. What it does is save you money, it allows us to get everything mic’d that night, run the cables, set up the files, all that good stuff (and all free). That is usually about 3 to 4 hours’ worth of work that we don’t charge for. It also saves you time the next day because the instruments are fitted to the room, so you don’t pay us $100.00 in a day listening to people tune their guitars.  If you choose not to set up the day/evening before and we have to work around the band members to do all of that work, you will be charged for that time.

If you are singing to an MP3 Track, the cost is much less because all we have to record is the vocal, then mix and master it.

The biggest cost savings is on the band or individual. Coming prepared to record will save you a great deal of money. You can find some suggestions on that on our page called “Being Prepared.”