Our Recording Process


• For a full band, we will have everyone record a scratch track, everyone will be performing at the same time just as you would on stage and we record it. It is preferred to just get in there and the group to play every song you want recorded, all in one day. This track doesn’t have to be perfect at all. This is where I would ask everyone setup the night before, so we can get everything set up.

• After we have the scratch track, we will do a quick and dirty mix of it, good enough that everyone can perform to it. That takes very little time, maybe a few minutes per song.

Kim Lowe in the Studio
Kim Lowe Recording at BRR

• Once it is good enough to play with, we would have the drummer put on headphones, adjust the volume for him/her, then record them playing with the scratch track 3 times, recording each time.

• After the drummer, the bass player, then the rhythm player, then lead, keyboards, etc….(whatever you have.) Vocals will always be the last, each recording each song 3 times.

• Then we go to work with the tracks we have. For example, of the three drum tracks, picking out the best parts of each of the 3 and splicing them together, to get the best possible drum line for the song, then do the same with all other instruments and vocals.

• After that is done, when we have the best possible track of each instrument/vocals for each song, then it is mixed and mastered.

Of course, if you are singing to an MP3 Track that you provide us with, or use one of the 100,000 backing tracks we have on hand, the time and cost will go down a great deal. Then it will be only recording your vocal tracks and any background vocals you might want.