Our Equipment

Back Roads Recording Studio and Equipment

We have a great collection of equipment and it is always growing. Below is some of what you can expect to find that we have at your disposal and will be used to make the best recording for you possible.

Control Room:
We like to mic drums!

• Presonus 16.4.2 Mixer
• Presonus FireStudio (Linked with 16.4.2 giving 24 channels of mic ability)
• Slate Raven 10 point digital mixer
• Presonus HP60 Headphone Amp
• Rokit KRK Monitors
• Gemini Monitors
• Presonus Monitor System
• Apple Desktop & Laptop Computers
• Numerous computer monitors
• Over 100,000 backing tracks for recording to pre-recorded tracks

Software Available:

• Studio One 3 Professional (allows an unlimited numbers of tracks in a recording)
• iZotope Ozone and Alloy
• All Slate Plugins
• Over 400 other plugins for recording, mixing, and mastering. Far too numerous to name.

Mic Locker:

• Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System (the same as having a Neumann U47, Neumann N67, AKG C12, and a Sony C800g, along with many others.)
• MXL V67
• sE 2200aIIC
• AT 2020
• BXL 2020
• Shure Super 55
• CAD Drum Mic Set
• Rode M5 (matched pair)
• Sterling S30
• Superlux HI-10
• MXL V250
• Shenneiser 609
• Shenneiser E614
• Behringer C1
• MXL A55
• PVM 520
• AT 2021
• GXL 1200
• AKG 170
Various numbers of each mic, this is just a partial list.

Miscellaneous Equipment:

• Presonus Studio Headphones
• Fender Bass Rumble 150 Amp
• Pop Filters
• Newl Cajon
• Music Stands
• Tons of various mic stands
• Instrument cables
• DI Boxes
• An assortment of effects pedals
Anything we have in the studio is available for use.